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Judges & Court Professionals Guide to Promote Permanency for Youth in Foster Care

Ensuring that foster youth find life-long permanent connections is a critical resiliency factor. Voice for Adoption, in partnership with Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, has created a single page quick guide. Available for free download, or request a hard copy by emailing voiceforadoption@gmail.com. You can also download the full-length guide which had input from foster youth, judges, advocates, and child welfare organizations. Please feel free to share this with anyone in the important role of supporting permanency outcomes for youth in foster care. 

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VFA's Annual Adoptive Family Portrait Project 


Save-the-Date: VFA Capitol Hill Reception Launching the 2016 Adoptive Family Portrait Project

Wed. Nov. 16th, 2:00pm program : 3:00pm Reception 


Adoptive Family Portrait Project 

Every November, for National Adoption Awareness Month, Voice for Adoption (VFA) hosts a signature project called the Adoptive Family Portrait Project. Each year we celebrate families who have adopted children from foster care. The primary goal of the project is to raise awareness among members of Congress about the real experiences and needs of families that have adopted children who were in the foster care system. 

For Members of Congress:

Please Join Us to Celebrate Adoption!  

This November, Voice for Adoption (VFA) is providing an opportunity for members of Congress to celebrate the ways that adoption has touched the lives of their constituents. We invite you to participate in VFA's annual Adoptive Family Portrait Project, please click here to learn how to be involved. 

For interested families, VFA members, potential sponsors, and the general public: 

Ways to Be Involved:

  • Identify an adoptive family to feature—VFA is looking for foster care adoptive families whose family portraits will be displayed in the Washington, DC office of their member of Congress. VFA will also ask for family’s adoption experiences in order to share an adoption story with members of Congress. VFA will match Senators and Representatives with a family from their home state or home district (for Representatives). Each participating family will receive a copy of our Adoptive Family Portrait Project booklet that features the families and Members of Congress that are involved. Click here to learn more about the role of participating families. Please email voiceforadoption@gmail.com. 

  • Encourage your members of Congress to participate—Please contact your Senators and Representatives to encourage them to be part of the Adoptive Family Portrait Project. Hearing from constituents will make it more likely that members of Congress will participate. Click here for a sample template for e-mailing your member of Congress about the project. 

  • Sponsor our project—VFA has sponsorship opportunities for every budget, making it possible for individuals and organizations to provide financial support for this project. All sponsors will be acknowledged in the program booklet, and higher-level sponsors receive additional benefits, including featured recognition at the Capitol Hill reception. Contact VFA for a detailed list of sponsorship opportunities or click here.


Listen to 10 year-old Cody Kerin, a Colorado adoptee, share his feelings about being adopted. Cody presented his Adoption Day poem at our 2010 Adoptive Family Portrait Project reception. 


Voice for Adoption’s cookbook, Recipes and Memories, is about food, but it is also about families. It is intended to get grubby and worn and touched by many loving hands - old and young. Our hope is this cookbook will recall old memories and establish new ones. Our dream is that it will help bring our nation's waiting children to families where they can make a lifetime of happy memories. The cookbook is filled with delicious adoption stories you’ll never forget and 445 fabulous recipes you will want to try…after you wipe your eyes. Click here to download the order form.

"Being adopted meant having a 'permanent' family; no more fear of being taken in the middle of the night to another foster home. -18 y.o. Adoptee, Ohio"